About AlvernoINK

What is AlvernoINK

Students in the “From Print Out to Publication” class, or EN 453, and the Creative Studies in Writing program created AlvernoINK, Alverno College’s online literary magazine.  (For Alverno’s online newspaper, check-out the Alpha!)

AlvernoINK publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more; all of the submissions are conveniently located on the world-wide web, where lots of great writing lives today!  For future issues, the magazine will accept submissions from students and alumnae of Alverno. Please read our submission requirements before querying us, and happy writing!

As for the inspiration…scholars are typically known for their large glasses, nasally monotone voices, and tufts of hair coming out of their noses and ears. The Kitten Sisters were determined to shed this reputation and build a new one as the hot, sarcastic sisters on the block. We were determined to have a scholarly publication that had a clear, concise, and clean design with a snarky sense of humor; we firmly believe that literature does not have to be dull, boring, and nasally. Literature can be fun and sassy with a quick, dry sense of humor.